14 August 2016

Volkswagen logo

Some people remember the Volkswagen logo to be without the cut in the middle. Here is a residue from the old timeline taken from the show, Airport Security: Colombia on the National Geographic Channel.

Reddit user Highly_Tingled managed to snap a picture of the Volkswagen logo (without the middle cut), while watching a show on the National Geographic Channel called "Airport Security: Colombia". The show is basically about the airport security searching for illegal contraband and making arrests.

One of the police cars that they utilized to transport the offenders was a Volkswagen truck. The VW insignia looked completely solid, without the divider that rests between the "V" and the "W". The user managed to snap a few pictures of this VW police truck, and displays them below, unaltered.

Backside of the VW police vehicle. Click on the image to enlarge

A closer look. Click on the image to enlarge

The show

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  1. CERN said they were going to open doors to these other timelines and it sure looks like they are actually doing it!

  2. What other VW insignia is there??? This is the same as always, so I don't understand what you mean on this one.

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