20 August 2016

Ford logo

Reddit user Plewtia snapped pictures of the Ford logo "without the curly F" on her truck. This is also how people who experience the Mandela Effect remember it this way. However, the user also stated that all the other logos on the truck are the "new" logo with the F-loop.

The F without the curl. Here is a picture showing the logo the way many remember it specially the F.

Click on the image to enlarge

Oddly enough, all the other logos on the truck show the looped logo. Here are 3 pictures with the F-loop:


  1. No. unfortunately this not residue in my opinion. If you look at the O it is open on top, and the "C" is formed between the R and the D.im afraid this logo is the NEW logo (to me) and that the loop on the F is simply missing. The cameraman is either sincerely mistaken or evil. I don't know what has happened but the FORD logo is what has EFFECTED me. I am a Ford guy. Had a 1999 F150 for 14 years and I know we are not in Kansas anymore, well, a different Kansas I guess. My Ford history has been erased and replaced and I am confused. I was skeptic of ME and thought lunacy was possibly a factor. But not now. Ignaurance is bliss. I haven't slept well since I figured this out last week. Of 50 people I have spoken to 90% immediately recognized the loop on the F was out of place. But, the others "KNEW" the loop belonged.

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