24 July 2017

Mandela Effect page disappeared

Remember the Apollo 13 movie Mandela Effect, "Houston we have a problem" that changed into "Houston we've had a problem"? Well, it changed back again "flip flopped", but this is not the issue.

A Reddit user recently noticed that the Apollo 13 movie page was deleted from and was wondering why Fiona Broome deleted the page. It also was the page where many people originally read about the Apollo 13 Mandela Effect. The page cannot be found on Google or Wayback Machine.

I had already downloaded and archived the full website on August 14, 2016 that includes the Apollo 13 movie page, created a simple site, on the same day to make the archived file available for download and shared the link on Reddit 8 months ago. Upon reading the news of the vanishing page, I searched the offline archived file and the search returned no result although the Apollo page did exist. You can check the file if you want!

So, in this case, Fiona Broome didn't delete the page because it also vanished from the offline version and as the Apollo 13 movie is a recent Mandela Effect flip flop itself, what else could that mean but a recent reality shift? You judge if you believe the page did exist online on!

The "Apollo 13" page also vanished from the offline version archived on August 14, 2016

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